Demo - ver. 0.1.0

New version of the demo is released!

Things that have been fixed:

- Changed the room speed from 30 to 60, so the game doesn't feel too slow anymore.
- Now it's easier to play alone, because the controls have been changed. (Different controls in single player and multiplayer).

- Aumented gravity.
- Now the elevators wait a little bit before starting to move.
- Moving in stairs is now better.
- After completing a level the player appears in front of the level and not in the start of the room.
- Text scrolls now faster in the dialogue.
- Fixed some grammar mistakes.
- Changed the rain sound to another rain sound (The current is much better I think).

New controls:

In single player mode:

Move the current character with arrow keys.

Press tab to change the controlled character.

Press space to interact.

In multiplayer mode:

Move Halli-Valli with arrow keys.
Move Huuma-Tuuma with WASD.
And press space to interact (both).

Change the mode with ctrl.


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Aug 17, 2018

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