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Hello everyone!

In this update I'll tell you the launch date of Dr. Atominus. Also I'll talk about some recent improvements in the game. Also there is a new trailer.


Dr. Atominus will launch 22.7.2020!

Only three weeks from now!


The game has changed a lot and a new trailer was needed. The existing trailer focused on the story, but this one focuses more on the gameplay. Here it is:


A map was added to the game. It doesn't show your location, but it's very helpful to find new places.

The User Interface has been improved. Blue coins were removed, because they didn't have any use. Also, now coins are health. The Atom uses energy from them to keep alive. Also, I made the pause menu a little better looking.

Bug fixes
I have also fixed dozens of bugs in the past weeks. Some of them were really weird.

That's all! Be sure to wishlist the game on Steam! And you can also follow my developer page there.
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Even Dr. Atominus is excited that his game will be soon available...

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